whune's Journal

. W H U N E .
This journal is a social experiment.

I am ridiculously open expressive in it.

So whatever is in me at the time... comes out.

This can be extremely embarrassing and sometimes even regretful for reasons of character and conscience;
but one thing is for certain:

I know exactly what I'm made of;
and so does everyone else.

Few people really connect in society today... they stand behind facades of prudence and decorum.
They hold their cards to their chest...
but not always out of some sense of conscious duplicity.

Why they do it isn't particularly important to me.

My point is in the result of such behavior.

Things might be more predictable and comfortable...
but how truly meaningful are they?

How many of your conversations do you really remember what was talked about?
How much of it was just interchangeable subroutines that culture has programmed you with?

Every single moment is new event...
What would happen if we engaged it with such a mind-set?
I'm not talking necessarily about ambition for growth... change... or enlightenment...
I'm simply talking about paying attention to what is happening right now... and deciding where it is we would like to go... whether that is a leisurely country drive... or racing through the mountains.

There's all manner of things in this journal's archives that I'm not proud of;
but that's life; and I'm not going to hide from it.

Far from hiding it... I hate how by and large everyone is so quick to damn everyone else.
Part of the reason why I'm so open... is to stand-up and say it's ok to be flawed.

Be well.