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Sat, Sep. 28th, 2013, 07:17 pm
subtly happy mess

it's kind of awkward;
but I'm ope'ning the flood gates;
and just saying whatever I feel like saying

it quickly eradicates illusion.

and I notice that I just have less of a need to say anything.

There's a lot to say;
and a passion to say it;

but also the zeal says "not yet. or 'not that way' 'trust your intuition... bide your time...

you won't be ready to say or do anything (beyond prepare) until you truly no longer give a fuck about what anyone - other than God - thinks about anything.

and i find my self relaxing

finding the simple affection for the art of it again

also there's a tea stain on my sketchbook;
cuz my guitar cord is too short