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Wed, Sep. 25th, 2013, 10:30 pm
bleh: it happened again; but it's all part of the process

my unchecked zealous idealism shifted to anger; that distracted me from that [zen-like] WeverTF.

I doubt it'll take me as long to find it again though.

but I need to breathe this in.

This is a lesson.

I hate not having that [zen-like] perspective.

and that annoyance will develop an instinct; an impulse control that will stop me from blinding my self with my own self-righteousness.

so yay for that:
the [growth] I see on the horizon.

everyday I laugh a little deeper softer...easier... at the me that resented all that is forming me into what I must become in order to be fulfilled.

Everyday I feel a warm fuzzy smirk at what I thought I needed.

blah, blah; etc.